Smart Window

Breeze Smart Window (MHacks 6)

Our aim was to bring smarter strategy to home heating and cooling. By getting rich data from the NEST API we could compared desired home temperature, actual home temperature and outside temperature. If the air conditioning is running when it really doesn’t need to be. The windows can automatically open to provide fresh outside air and reduce unnecessary A/C demand; saving money, improving indoor air quality, and helping the environment.

Breeze contains smart blinds to reflect or adsorb insolent solar energy from/to your home.

Breeze also talks to your NEST smoke/CO detector. Then windows are automatically close to starve a fire of fresh air and open automatically to vent dangerous CO gasses should an emergency occur.

How we built it

Technologies include an IOS app for control. A Heroku server for system communication. A raspberry pi for high level home control. And finally an arduino integrated with the window to provide low level control and sensing of the window actuator and sensors.