About Me

Hi, I’m Derek Seaton

  • electrical engineer
  • automotive enthusiast
  • software enthusiast
  • private pilot
  • avid road tripper

I work with electrical hardware tools such as:

  • oscilloscopes (personal scope: Siglent SDS 1202X-E)
  • digital multimeters 
  • logic analysers
  • Soldering (SMD PTH)
  • Power supplies
  • Programmable Loads

I work with electrical hardware such as

  • microcontrollers 
  • digital signal processors
  • power circuitry 
  • signal conditioning 
  • wiring and harnessing 
  • motors and encoders
  • Single Board Computers

I work with hardware technologies such as 

  • IMU, Codec, Interrupts
  • Atmel, Texas Instruments, Microchip, ON, Arduino, Motorola
  • IoT: Particle Electron/Photon, Raspberry Pi

I work with software tools such as 

  • Altium Designer / Circuit Studio, Eagle, EasyEDA, Spice
  • Wireshark
  • PyCharm, Arduino IDE, Sublime, Code Composer Studio, Eclipse
  • Solidworks / Solidworks Electrical

I work with software technologies such as 

  • Python, Javascript, C, C++, Assembly, R, Matlab
  • MongoDB, AWS
  • Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OS, Embedded Linux